Since more than 30 years

…we are taking care as clearance and chartering agents in the ports of Bremen and Bremerhaven and also the lower Weser region. We offer a high degree of professionalism and flexibility during your vessels port – or dry dock stay. Taking care of your crew, supplying your ships with goods, spare parts and bunker are just a small part of the wide scale services that we offer.

General Husbandry Services

  • Chartering of ships high and heavy, bulk, general cargo
  • Harbour and berthing counsel
  • Calculation of ports costs eg. pilot, mooring crew etc.
  • Establishing contacts between shipowners and shipyards
  • Taking care of all paperworks with German authorities
  • Taking care of ships supplies incl. transport and customs
  • Every kind of garbage disposal (sludge, domestic garbage, etc.)
  • Crew change incl. transports, visa formalities and accomodation
  • Medical support together with port doctor and healthcare authorities and also SeeBG

We also offer complete planning and calculation of transshipments of ships in need of repairs, docks and sluice gates.